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Naturalness, Unnaturalness, and Artifactuality in Bioethical Argumentation

Siipi Helena

Appeals on naturalness and unnaturalness are common in current bioethical discussions, especially in ones concerning environmental ethics and ethics of new biotehchnologies. In this book, Helena Siipi analyzes 'natural', 'unnatural', 'artifact' and related terms in these contexts of bioethical argumentation. She distinguishes the different meanings of these terms, discusses the moral relevance of different forms of naturalness and unnaturalness, and evaluates arguments based on naturalness and unnaturalness claims. The three main forms of (un)naturalness distinguished in the study are relation based (un)naturalness, history based (un)naturalness, and property based (un)naturalness, all of which have further subforms. Siipi argues for the prima facie moral relevance of some of the distinguished subforms, but also finds some forms of naturalness and unnaturalness to be morally insignificant.

Tekijä:Siipi Helena
Laajuus:240 s.
Sarja:Reports from the Department of Philosophy Vol. 14
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