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Prudential Value. A Philosophical Examination

Varelius Jukka

In contemporary philosophical literature, prudential value has usually been defined by reference to either happiness characterised in terms of pleasure and pain, desire satisfaction, a list of what have been taken as objective prudential goods, or some combination of these three elements. From different ways of defining and combining happiness, desire satisfaction, and objective prudential goods, many different kinds of theory of individual well-being have emerged. There is thus not much consensus among philosophers concerning the correct definition of prudential value. The aim of this examination is to put forward an acceptable characterization of what is intrinsically prudentially good for human beings qua human beings. It examines the most important current philosophical theories of individual well-being and argues that the most plausible theory of individual well-being is a version of prudential hedonism.

Tekijä:Varelius Jukka
Laajuus:132 s.
Sarja:Reports from the Department of Philosophy Vol. 10
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