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Worldlessness, Determinism and Free Will

Maunu Ari

Worldlessness means independence of possible worlds, just as timelessness means independence of moments time. Determinism is the doctrine that the entire history of the actual world is preset. A rational agent has free will if at least some of its actions or decisions are autonomous and optional. In this essay Ari Maunu attends to the following issues: A justification of the view that bearers of truth values, or entitles that may be believed and known are best construed as timeless and worldless; a natural explication of the thesis that there in no change in the world; a resolution of logical determinism, or determinism that seems to follow from laws of logic alone; and reconstruction of G.W. Leibniz' attempt to reconcile the existence of human free will with theological determinism, or determinism arising from the supposition that the actual world evolves according to God's allembracing plan.

Tekijä:Maunu Ari
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Sarja:Reports from the Department of Philosophy
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