Time Frames. Negotiating Cultural History

Korhonen Anu & Tuohela Kirsi (eds.)

Time Frames brings together a group of cultural historians studying several different periods and locations in the history of Western culture, to discuss the temporal structures which historical studies live by.

How do we construct chronologies and temporal sequences? How should we approach the discontinuity and particularity of the past, and its periodization?

Deploying ideas and frames from three contemporary conceptual debates - spatial organisation, constructions of experience, and the cultural embeddedness of individual agency - the writers of this book propose methods of historicizing and explore what cultural history is about today.

Tekijä:Korhonen Anu & Tuohela Kirsi (eds.)
Laajuus:139 s.
Julkaisuvuosi:2nd edition 2006
Sarja:Cultural History - Kulttuurihistoria 1
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