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Basics of positron emission tomography (PET Basics) -kurssi organisaatioille

Positron emission tomography (PET) is non-invasive and quantitative imaging modality using molecules labelled with positron-emitting radioisotopes in tracer quantities (i.e. without pharmacological effect) to visualize and measure rates of biochemical processes (e.g. enzyme reactions, ligand-receptor interactions, cellular metabolism, cell proliferation, gene expression) in tissues of living subjects. Therefore, PET is an important tool to elucidate mechanisms associated with diseases and drug actions. The course aims to provide students with a broad and general introduction to the PET imaging.

The main purpose of this course is to enable students to understand the interdisciplinary nature of PET imaging. After the course one should have basic knowledge of the PET imaging field of its physics, radiochemistry, and data analysis, research and clinical applications.

By purchasing this course, you will gain access to 29 recorded video lectures, each around 30 minutes of length. The access right is valid for 90 days from the creation of your user account to the lecture video service Echo360. University of Turku Helpdesk will send you your user account details and an information package regarding the use of the service.

Contents of the online course:

  • Anne Roivainen: Introduction of PET and Turku PET Centre
  • Mika Teräs: Radiation physics and safety
  • Mika Teräs: PET instrumentation
  • Olof Solin: Production of PET radionuclides
  • Olof Solin: Short history of radiochemistry
  • Semi Helin: 11C radiochemistry
  • Olli Eskola: 18F radiochemistry
  • Cheng-Bin Yim: Radiometal chemistry
  • Riikka Kivelä: Radiopharmacy and GMP guidelines for PET
  • Jarkko Johansson: Image acquisition and reconstruction
  • Sergey Nesterov: Information technologies and image analysis in PET
  • Tove Grönroos: Small animal imaging and pre-clinical evaluation of PET tracers
  • Anne Roivainen: Radiometabolism of PET tracers
  • Marco Bucci: Quantification of PET
  • Francisco López Picón: Neuroimaging of small animals with PET
  • Jussi Hirvonen: Neurotransmitter systems studied with PET
  • Lauri Nummenmaa: Statistical analysis of brain-PET data
  • Juha Rinne: PET in clinical neurology
  • Jukka Kemppainen: PET in cancer diagnosis and therapy
  • Heikki Minn: Oncological research
  • Kari Kalliokoski: PET imaging of exercise responses
  • Sami Kajander: Multimodality imaging using CT, MRI and PET
  • Xiang-Guo Li: Medicinal chemistry in PET & drug development
  • Juhani Knuuti: PET in clinical cardiology
  • Pirjo Nuutila: Quantitative PET imaging of metabolic diseases
  • Marko Seppänen: PET in clinical endocrinology
  • Sanna Hellberg: Preclinical cardiovascular research
  • Jukka Kemppainen: PET imaging of infection/inflammation
  • Anne Roivainen: Preclinical inflammation research


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Users are not allowed to redistribute the videos or allow anyone outside the institution to view the videos. Commercial use is strictly prohibited

NOTE! If your institute would like to purchase only a part of the course, please contact Anne Roivainen, aroivan (at) utu.fi to negotiate alternative pricing. 



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