Housing, Risk and Security. A qualitative interview study on a Finnish neighbourhood

Naumanen Päivi, Ruonavaara Hannu, Jakku Jenni & Lockmer Carita

This publication is based on the Finnish Household Interviews (Naumanen & Ruonavaara 2005), which was prepared for the European Commission as a part of the research project Origins of Security and Insecurity: the interplay of housing systems with jobs, household structures, finance, and social security (OSIS). The aim of the qualitative interviews was to examine how household and individuals in an 'average' Finnish neighbourhood perceive and experience the security and insecurity aspects of housing and tenure relation to their personal lives, socio-economic situation and employment situation. In this report, the results of twenty-eight interviews conducted between May and September 2005 in Turku will be described.

Tekijä:Naumanen Päivi, Ruonavaara Hannu, Jakku Jenni & Lockmer Carita
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Sarja:Sociological research - Sosiologian tutkimuksia A 29
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