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Neo-Carbon Energy World : What Opportunities for Chile? Neo-Carbon Energy Futures Clinique IV

Heinonen, Sirkka – Vähäkari, Noora & Karjalainen, Joni

This report presents the results of the “Neo-Carbon Energy World – What Opportunities for Chile?”, a futures clinique organised at the Chilean Intellectual Property Institute INAPI in Santiago de Chile 24th October 2016, jointly by Finland Futures Research Centre of the University of Turku and Consejo Chileno Prospectiva y Estrategia (CChPE).

Chile is a case study conducted in the foresight part of the Neo-Carbon Energy project. Chile is a country with robust renewable energy resources, which has received high attention by international investors and has led to a dramatic increase in the uptake of solar energy in the country. Chile is also a pioneer in economic development in Latin America, thanks to its steady political and economic conditions. The country keeps on investing in education to catalyze socio-economic development, but remains underpinned by the deepest inequalities in OECD countries.

Tekijä:Heinonen, Sirkka – Vähäkari, Noora & Karjalainen, Joni
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Sarja:FFRC Publications 3/2017
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