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Home-School Partnership in a Multicultural Society

Soininen Marjaana & Merisuo-Storm Tuula (Eds.)

Home-school partnership in a multicultural society gives a reader both a theoretical and a practical view to the topic 'home-school partnership' in various cultural environments. The book contains the views of American, Finnish, Portuguese, and Scottish representatives who all have a long experience with the topic.

Home-school partnership - also called home school co-operation or relationship - is a global issue. When children attend school there are also their parents of guardians as well as school personnel involved. It is important that this triad functions well; the main goal being children's wellbeing and success.

This publication is a continuum to the editors' previous books Merisuo-Storm & Soinen (Eds.) Cultural diversity and its impact on education (2006) and Soininen & Merisuo-Storm (Eds.) Looking at DIVERSITY in different ways (2010).

Tekijä:Soininen Marjaana & Merisuo-Storm Tuula (Eds.)
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