Tuitio Europae. Chivalric Orders on the Spiritual Paths of Europe

de Anna Luigi G., de Anna Pauliina & Kuparinen Eero (eds)

Proceedings of the Conference: "The Spiritual Paths of Europe. Crusades, Pilgrimages and Chivalric Orders", Turku 28.-29.11.1997.

Chivalric Orders have been a relevant part of European History since the 11th century. Some of them are still active today. Their ancient history and the role of Chivalry in a modern society are some of the topics Tuitio Europae deals with. In particular, Tuitio Europae wants to cast light on the historical phases of Chivalric Orders in Scandinavia and Finland. Today Chivalry is still an important component of our common European civilization. The articles published in Tuitio Europae are written by Scandinavian, Finnish and Italian experts in the field of medieval and modern history.

Tekijä:de Anna Luigi G., de Anna Pauliina & Kuparinen Eero (eds)
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