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Machineries of Public Art. From Durable to Transient, from Site-bound to Mobile

Ruohonen Johanna & Kihlman Asta (eds)

Machineries of Public Art brings forward the multifaceted nature of contemporary public art, from sculpture to postcards, media works, and open bars. It broadens the theoretical perception of public art by answering questions regarding, among others, performativity, transience, engagement, and the temporality of artworks.

This volume is the culmination of a research project by the University of Turku during the European Capital of Culture year 2011 in Turku. Public artworks created as a part of the Capital of Culture celebrations feature in it among an international selection of case studies.

The anthology offers a nuanced understanding of the intersections of art, politics, public space, and time for both non-academic and scholarly audiences. Students and teachers of art , art history, and media studies will find the volume particularly valuable.

Tekijä:Ruohonen Johanna & Kihlman Asta (eds)
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